Due to COVID-19, we are doing everything we can to prevent the spread of Corona Virus while continuing to provide core maintenance services that are vital to your safety and welfare in your property.

Here are some important points to note: –

Our opening hours have been limited until further notice, this will be based on the most recent information provided by the Prime minister and the government. Please note that this time line could be extended and we will keep you informed as much as we possibly can.

Please inform us if you are self-isolating due to you or someone in your household exhibiting symptoms of the Covid 19 virus. We request that you stay indoors and follow government guidance. Any issues please contact us .

Whilst we carry out our work, we are to follow the government’s social distancing guidance and maintain a 2-metre distance from anyone else in the property. Please do not be offended if contractors do not shake your hand or accept refreshments from you; they have been instructed not to do so.

All of our staff have masks, protective gloves and hand sanitiser. If they do not follow these rules, please do not allow them into your property and inform us immediately.

Where possible, please limit the number of visitors that you have to your residence.

If you are self-isolating and live alone or have no one to contact, then please keep in touch with us. Please stay safe and think of others, we’re in this together, and every action counts.