We provide Gas Safety Certificates (CP12) to Landlords, Home Owners, and Estate Agents East London and the surrounding areas. Every property should check up on their gas plumbing system, boiler system, and related appliances by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Running your gas appliances without following safety code of the government is an offense.


Gas Safe Certificates

On completion, the engineer provides a certificate which validates the use of the systems. This certificate is the document for gas safety record. If the system is in question, you must call an engineer.

It is mandatory that at least once in a year, a thorough checkup is performed.


The responsibility of the homeowner

Being a homeowner, you need a proper Gas Safety Record. However, you are bound to go under routine checkup each year by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Ask your engineer for further information.

Being a Landlord

It is the landlords responsibility to make sure a Gas Safety check is carried out every year.

You must go under routine checkup every year. This must be implemented to all the gas appliances and the entire gas plumbing system owned by you. If a tenant uses gas supply and use appliances like a cooker & boiler, you (the landlord) are not legally accountable for the system rechecked. If you have tenants, you have to provide a copy of the gas safety certificate within 28 days after they have become tenants of your property.

The Gas Safety Certificate will display:

  • A description of appliances verified
  • If there is any safety measure identified while checking
  • Whether there are any actions to be taken will be monitored
  • The designations and details of the engineer who checked it properly
  • The details of the property.

 Call us for a safety checkup.