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We've recently begun collecting reviews and will continue to send invitations to all our customers.

We take pride in sharing a selection of recent testimonials from our happy customers. Elite Gas Care East London is deeply committed to providing exceptional customer service and will always go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction with our products and services. If you've had an experience with us and would like to share your feedback, please don't hesitate to get in touch - we'd love to hear from you.

Feel free to visit this page regularly to discover the latest reviews from our clients who have used our services.

Cath Mac - Exceptional Service

Comment: The Boiler Repair Service was outstanding, and I wholeheartedly endorse it.

Jane Morgan- Outstanding Assistance

Comment: The service was truly exceptional. A highly efficient and helpful engineer delivered excellent results during his visit. I have no doubt that I will turn to this company again in the future.

J Thompson - City Boiler Repair Comes to the Rescue

Comment: Elite Gas Care East London supplied and installed a new boiler for me during a critical situation. My old boiler malfunctioned on the very day my wife went into labor. I reached out to them, and they were absolutely fantastic. They went above and beyond to assist us and maintained excellent communication via email throughout the process.

Even by 9 am the following morning, they arrived, and by day's end, I had a brand new boiler in place, with the old one expertly removed. This made an enormous difference, and I wholeheartedly endorse this company.

Richard Phillips - Remarkably Honest and Approachable Individuals

Comment: These folks are exceptionally honest, approachable, and understanding. I intend to entrust all my future boiler repair needs to them.

Ian Rodrigues - A Reliable Company

Comment: They conducted a thorough boiler service, prioritizing safety. Moreover, they strive to maintain cost-effectiveness, and the engineer was exceptionally amicable.

Sascha Stolp - Swift, Personable, and Effective

Comment: Several years ago, they installed my Worcester combi, and they've diligently performed its annual service ever since. Beyond ensuring everything operates flawlessly, they consistently inspect and replace my thermostat's batteries as needed. City Boiler Repair has consistently delivered both good value and peace of mind through their service.

Javed Ahmed - Incredibly Friendly and Eager to Assist

Comment: She is exceptionally pleasant and always ready to lend a helping hand.

Abdul Malik - A Fine Company

Comment: This is a commendable company with youthful executives who exhibit a strong desire to make a positive impression. They possess technical expertise and are well-versed in their field. I have no grievances to voice.

Zahid Rahman- Truly Remarkable

Comment: Exceptional dedication and meticulous work. The slight deduction in rating is attributed to punctuality, which may have been influenced by unforeseeable circumstances and is likely to be rectified in the future. I hold the utmost faith in the services offered by this establishment.

Sarah Morgan - Delighted to Extend My Recommendation

Comment: I take great pleasure in recommending this highly professional and reliable company. They consistently display politeness and possess a deep understanding of their field. Their follow-up is exemplary, and their proactive approach sets them apart. I wholeheartedly endorse this company without any reservations.

David Ferguson - Appreciating the Friendly and Approachable Service

Comment: I have a genuine fondness for the friendly, easy-going, and amiable young man who attends to our needs. While we've encountered a few challenges, we have worked to resolve them, and I'm optimistic that they are now behind us, with matters hopefully settled.

Tony Blake - Annual Gas Boiler Service

Comment: The engineer arrived promptly and, as per their usual standard, exhibited efficiency, politeness, and reasonable pricing.  Elite Gas Care East London has faithfully serviced my gas boiler on an annual basis for nearly a decade. In the rare instances when it experienced issues between services, they promptly and effectively resolved the problems. I've already recommended Elite Gas Care East London to numerous friends.

Shane Brook - Outstanding Service

Comment: The service is truly excellent. There has never been a problem that Elite Gas Care East London couldn't resolve. They are highly dependable Boiler Repair London Company, and I've been a loyal customer for many years, as I have complete confidence in their work. I wholeheartedly recommend their services.

Darren Boon - Exceptional Gas and Heating Service. A Strong Recommendation!

Comment: I've been a devoted customer of Elite Gas Care East London for quite a number of years, availing their services for boiler installations and regular maintenance. Previously, I relied on British Gas homecare and their annual service. However, I made the decision to transition to Elite Gas Care East London due to their superior service and greater flexibility. I highly recommend their services.

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